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Our History

eight years and growing

We formed Bayou Pictures in 2009 by a group of like-minded producers looking to take years of our accumulated knowledge and utilize that experience to create ground breaking television and independent feature films. Our unique production model allows us to produce high quality, VFX driven content at a fraction of the cost usually associated with such projects. With our well established set of industry connections, we have have become a multi-faceted production company that is well equipped to handle all aspects of production, from research and development to post.

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The Year of change 2014

Closed the LA office and exspaned our renderfarm and computer assets including exspanding editorial abilities to include post color correction.

The Year of Exploration 2012

We began a multi project test program to intigrate afordable VFX into Indie and basic cable film production using our established production pipline.

The Year of Growing 2011

Our first movie "Fortress" is released.

Year 1, In the Beginning... 2009

for some reason beyond logic we opened a production company.

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