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During the pivotal World War II Battle for Midway, Ensign Norman Vandivier flies his SBD Dive-Bomber against the famed Japanese carrier Akagi. Dodging heavy enemy fire, he presses home his attack, dropping his bomb on target. The Japanese respond with heavy antiaircraft fire, as Vandivier frantically dodges Zeros. His bomber takes significant damage and is forced to ditch into the Pacific. Pulling his injured rear gunner from the sinking wreckage, Vandivier discovers his lifeboat and all emergency supplies were destroyed in the attack. With their SBD sinking fast and Japanese Zeros firing on them, the two young men abandon their doomed bomber and take their chances in the water. With any luck, a friendly sub or flying boat may spot them -- but, with no supplies, a vast, unfriendly ocean and the sharks circling, the young sailors are forced to face their own mortality.

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Adrift has been a pet project for Mike for over 18 years,we are hoping to tackle it late fall 2017.