About Us

Bayou Pictures, LLC was formed in 2009 by a group of like-minded producers looking to take years of accumulated knowledge and utilize that experience to create ground breaking television and independent feature films. Bayou's unique production model allows them to produce high quality, VFX driven content at a fraction of the cost usually associated with such projects. With a well established set of industry connections, Bayou is a multi-faceted production company that is well equipped to handle all aspects of production, from research and development to post.


Mike Phillips

Michael Phillips has been involved in the production of award winning television and feature films for over 15 years. During this time, he has participated in nearly all aspects of production; from creating creature effects on "What Dreams May Come," to set construction, prop fabrication, VFX compositing & animating, and finally to producing & directing a variety of independent films and telivision series, most recently line producing Bill Pullman's "Red Sky."

Jason Newfield

Jason Newfield is an Emmy Award-winning director of photography. Over the past decade, he has shot multiple independent features as well as many hit television series for such networks as Discovery, History, Science Channel, TLC and National Geographic. Jason has acquired a vast array of industry contacts and knowledge, which continues to benefit every production he is involved with.

Jason McKinley

In 1990 Jason created Radical 3D, a high end CG animation company specializing in television and movie special effects, main titles, logos and trailers. A commitment to excellence, superior quality, meeting tight deadlines and staying within stringent budget constraints have all propelled Radical 3D into one of the most sought after and reliable computer graphics firms in America. Radical 3D animated the aerial sequences for George Lucas’ “Redails” with Jason personally creating the epic end battle of the film. Curently, Jason is supervising the aerial sequences for the Disney "Planes" franchise.

Brian Thompson

Brian Thompson has been an invaluable resource for a variety of different television and film production companies over the past 12+ years. He has produced and directed shows for such networks as the History Channel, National Geographic, TruTV and FX, with producer credits on "Conquest," "Wild West Tech," "SHOOTOUT!" and "Enterprise/Patton:360." Brian most recently directed the hit reality series "Rocket City Rednecks."

Julian Moss

Julian Moss has written, produced and directed several independent features & short films. Julian also production manages set operations on basic cable shows for Investigation Discovery and National Gographic channels, as well as several Indie Films. Most recently, he was the U.S. based production manager for Bill Pullman's "Red Sky."


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